Microsoft Windows 10

Olenick’s Windows 10 service offerings connect focused expertise in software quality engineering with Windows 10 projects.

Olenick approaches each Windows 10 project as an opportunity to help clients achieve a higher level of deployment success while concurrently addressing persistent problem areas.


Olenick helps clients migrate from their current OS configuration(s) to Windows 10. One critical component of a successful migration is understanding the new capabilities and ramifications of adopting new and improved operating system and environment features. With more than 10 years of experience helping clients with OS migrations, Olenick provides services across all aspects of an OS deployment and can also focus on specific sub-components. Olenick knows how to shoulder the burden of implementing the migration and share knowledge and capability with clients to support their success.

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Windows 10 upgrade projects differ from historical Windows updates. For the first time, Microsoft is moving to Windows as a Service model, and as a result, Windows 10 and future upgrades focus on operationalizing the process that ensures clients are deploying a secure, and high-quality update on a continuous basis. Olenick offers a specific service to cater to the continuous maintenance needs: WinPAC.


Olenick has achieved the Microsoft Gold Windows and Devices Competency, which builds upon the Devices and Deployment Competency. The Gold Partner status is a testament to Olenick’s delivery success with Windows projects. Olenick employs Microsoft certified engineers, follows a repeatable process, and leverages accelerators to achieve a high delivery standard.

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.
Olenick Advisory

Olenick Advisory supercharges patch testing and patch rollout.


Olenick's WinPac service mitigates the risk associated with Microsoft Windows update maintenance through a TEST, DEPLOY, and REPORT process.