One challenge for Utilities in managing cyber-security is complying with mandatory NERC CIP standards and requirements.

Olenick has hands-on expertise with the special tools and requirements for utility systems subject to NERC CIP regulations, and we help our clients excel with compliance management and system readiness.  Olenick’s NERC CIP services for utilities includes Process and Project Management, Compliance Management, Security Patching, Quality Assurance, System Integration, and Change Management.


Olenick’s NERC CIP experience for Utilities includes:

  • NERC CIP updates to Critical Cyber Assets (CCA), Cyber Assets (CA) security and access control processes and procedures.


  • Testing and development to meet NERC CIP Version 3 and Version 5, as well as CISSP compliance.


  • Providing the full test strategy, planning, management, and execution to ensure utility’s compliance with the NERC CIP V5 regulatory timetables.


  • Performing OS server and workstation patching for utility’s commercial business unit, including NERC CIP compliance activities, evidence collection, and Change Management.


  • Managing all NERC CIP compliance issues for utility’s SCADA system application, delivering a high level of compliance and achieving the Gold Standard for utility’s external NERC CIP audit.


  • Substation cyber assets, monitoring, video, and physical security upgrades.


  • Enterprise security software implementation and upgrades.
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Implementation of Industrial Defender NIDS Monitoring

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