Test Data Management

Each manual and automated test phase in a project needs test data, and all applications involved in each test phase need this test data synced in order to support all data/work flows and business process testing from end to end. 


This involves determining both master and transactional data that is neededand the state of the test data for all functionality being tested. It is also necessary to ensure there is more than enough test data available to cover the planned testing, plus any additional unplanned testing and defect retesting. 


If data is being converted (ETL), whether it is from legacy systems or due to data model changesboth the converted data and new data added by the new/updated application(s) needs to be included in the test data. Converted data has the additional challenge of being in different states throughout the work flow and business processes. 


Another major challenge that must be considered is ensuring the project has a test data refresh plan in place, if it is known there will be points within the project timeline that test environments will need to be refreshed and test data set back to a known starting state. 


Olenick’s Test Management Services partner with the client and vendors and works through the challenges of creating, implementing, and managing a test data management approach. Test Management Services navigate and addresses these challenges, mitigate the risks, and ensure there is an effective test data management approach in place to allow for efficient and successful test execution supported by pre-defined and pre-staged test data. 


Olenick test experts partner with your business analysts as well as technical, business, and vendor resources to map out the test data needed for each test phase of the project and the test data refresh plan. 


Our Test Management Services will create a customized Test Data Management approach and a resource will be assigned who is responsible for managing, assigning, and tracking test data to each test resource. Tracking test data assignments ensures test data is not being used by two different resources. 


When applicable, the test data refresh plan outlined in the test data management approach will be executed, including running ETL processes to refresh the needed converted data and to bring in higher quality updated legacy data. 


Problem solving and critical thinking are central to Olenick’s Test Management ServicesOlenick works with each client and their vendors to understand their unique test data needs and creates a welldefined and efficient test data management approach to enhance each test phase of the project. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the Software Development and Testing Life Cycles allow Olenick to create a test data management approach that is unique and focused on the client’s project or project portfolio. 


Olenick’s Test Management Services deliver an effective test data management approach – including a test data refresh plan that is tailored to unique project challenges and needs – to deliver efficient testing phases and ensure successful project delivery.