Requirements Management

Olenick’s Requirements Management services focus on analyzing business needs and optimizing processes and technology.

They are founded on quality assurance and software project experience. We realize that the quality of business requirements predicts the accuracy of the design, development, verification/validation, outcomes, and business satisfaction of IT projects. We provide comprehensive requirements services, as well as process and solution design services to help clients realize efficiency and quality gains throughout the project.


Olenick’s Requirements services encompass the following:

Requirements Analysis:

Analysis of business needs, requirements, and application alignment of solution and business goals


Requirements Gathering: 

Stakeholder identification, workshops, and process; a driven approach with strict guidelines for writing requirements


Requirements Authoring:

Rigor around the presentation of requirements, case modeling, fit/gap analysis, and verification


Requirements Prioritization:

Ranking requirements, and associating releases to requirements


Requirements Traceability:

Linking requirements and business needs, and establishing relationships among requirements


Requirements Management:

Scope, change control, prioritization, and requirements SME



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