Reporting Analysis

Successful Project Management requires the ability to measure multiple characteristics across a project to ensure quality and on-time delivery. 


For both waterfall and agile projects there are key metrics that need to be monitored – but just because a project has 74% test coverage or a team has a velocity of 52 story points, what does that mean for the project? 


Proper reporting provides the metrics and context that allow the team to focus resources on issues that cause deviation from plan and require remediation. Olenick’s Reporting Analysis implements a strategy with reusable templates that easily integrate with some of the most used offtheshelf products. This measurement and tracking of all the critical aspects of your project will help to mitigate risk and ensure quality project delivery that is on time and on budget. 


Olenick’s years of Project Management and Testing experience uniquely positions us to understand the critical attributes of a Project that should be measured to build meaningful and concise metrics that align your project for success. 


Data collection and management are critical to Olenick’s Reporting Analysis. Olenick is uniquely positioned to work with our clients to customize a solution for use that is integrated with their existing processes and workflow tools. Our extensive experience in project level reporting and metrics effectively illustrate the progress of a project to stakeholders and serves to identify and mitigate issues early.  


Olenick’s Reporting Analysis solutions provide measurable timeline reporting and project level metrics to steer your initiative to success. 

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.