Quality & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing has been – and continues to be –  the foundation of Olenick since our inception in 1998.

Olenick’s vast experience in Quality & Testing allows us to tailor our approach to fit specific client needs. We have experience with many test tools and development methodologies, so we can quickly custom select the most effective tool for each individual project. From Agile e-commerce projects at small startups using open source tools, to multi-site program level management efforts spanning multiple continents, Olenick’s team consistently delivers project success. Our deep expertise in all aspects of Quality & Testing spans client server, mobile, and web platforms.


Olenick consultants are testing professionals dedicated to quality; their level of service goes above and beyond industry standards.

Olenick’s focus on cultivating our consultants’ knowledge across multiple industries allows us to deliver a level of Quality & Testing service to our clients that is unmatched, and our Toolbox of both proprietary and commercial tools and methodologies is leveraged to add next-level solutions to client challenges on projects. Our Delivery Assurance office makes sure that each consultant is performing at their peak, and our Communities of Practice ensure consultants stay educated and relevant to the ever-changing landscape of Quality & Testing.


Our team has experience across hundreds of companies and thousands of projects, delivering services such as:

  • Corporate Level QA Management
  • Establishing and Implementing Quality Centers of Excellence
  • Project and Program level Test Architecture
  • Test Management (In Traditional and Agile Development Methodologies)
  • All Forms of Manual Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing (Using both Open Source and most Common Test Tools)
  • Performance Testing
  • Defect Management
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Metrics Reporting
  • User Acceptance Testing



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