Project Management

Every project needs someone in the driver’s seat to keep it on track and steer it to success.

Lack of Project Management results in adverse effects for an organization: projects can go over budget, be understaffed, and not adhere to the original timeline. Olenick’s Project Management services navigate and address these challenges, mitigate risk, and ensure the project team is working in unison to achieve the same goal.


Olenick’s expertise hinges upon the artful execution of the four major Project Management tenets: Scope, Schedule, Resources, and Budget.


Problem solving and critical thinking are central to Olenick’s Project Management.

Olenick’s certified PMP certified Project Managers work to understand and adapt to the client’s environment and provide tools to enhance the client’s Project Management process. Our extensive experience in dashboard reporting and metrics effectively illustrate a project’s progress to stakeholders and serve to identify and mitigate issues early.


From inception to deployment, Olenick ensures a client’s project is delivered successfully.


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