Program Management

Programs have broad, over-arching scopes to provide specific organization advantages and/or benefits to the company.


A project manager is incentivized to keep their project on track and to propel it to success, but often these decisions are made without the full understanding of the costs to interconnected projects. What might seem to be a small schedule delay or cost overrun on one project can have outsized impacts on the success of multiple other dependent projects.


Olenick’s Program Management services navigate and address these challenges, mitigate risk, and ensure that all your project teams are working in unison to achieve the same goal. Olenick has the experience your business requires to manage both internal and external (vendor) project resources to guide your most critical projects to a successful completion.


Olenick’s expertise hinges upon the artful execution of the four major Project Management tenets consistently across all the projects in a portfolio: Scope, Schedule, Resources, and Budget.


Problem solving and critical thinking are central to Olenick’s Program Management. Olenick works with clients to understand and adapt to the client’s environment and provide tools to enhance the client’s project management process. Our extensive experience in dashboard reporting and metrics effectively illustrate each project’s progress to stakeholders and serve to identify and mitigate both issues and risks early. In this way, resources can be guided to the projects that will make the biggest impact while having the least impact to all your other efforts.


Programs create the governance to drive project-level adherence, but also to provide greater benefit than delivering projects individually. From inception to deployment, Olenick ensures all of a client’s projects are delivered successfully and support the most critical goals of the business.