Process Control

Having strong internal processes is the best way to ensure repeatable results within your organization.

Poor process documentation, a corporate culture that does not encourage process compliance, and weak processes can all inject undesired variables into your work. These variables can lead to product quality issues, time and cost overruns, or honest mistakes which may open your company up to legal and financial liabilities.


Olenick’s Process Control services combine a disciplined approach to evaluate and ensure the overall adherence to your standards, processes, and procedures. We work collaboratively with your organization to evaluate Quality Assurance compliance within your system development methodology, whether Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) or Agile methods, using deliverable verification, process monitoring, reviews, audits, and reporting.


For more than two decades, the Olenick team has helped their partners implement customized processes that are right for their business with:

  • New Process Creation (For undocumented processes and transitions between methodologies)
  • Process Documentation and Reviews
  • Refresh of Existing Processes
  • Transition Assistance to New Development Methodologies (such as Agile Software Development)
  • Change Management
  • Training and Education
  • Compliance Audits
  • Deliverable Verification
  • Process Monitoring and Quality Governance
  • Dashboard Reporting


With experience across hundreds of companies in the Financial Services, Utilities, Legal, Healthcare, Insurance, and Transportation Logistics, Olenick has the ability customize their service offerings to meet your specific needs.


This results in processes tailored to be usable by you on an ongoing basis without undue overhead.  The results of these processes are measurable in a timely manner, for ease of adjustments, and continual improvement.



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