Performance Testing

Olenick’s Performance Testing service investigates and interprets the current performance of your software application by applying our 20+ years of experience across the breadth of Performance Testing.

Our well-established process defines the most important performance attribute of your application: the User’s experience.


Performance Testing Graphic


Performance testing is a critical phase in the Software Development Livecycle which requires a great deal of thoughtful investigation and interpretation. Correctly defining each element in the phases of performance testing will determine if and why the testing meets the defined expectations.


The Olenick team has focused on the core issues associated with performance testing for many clients over the years. We have helped clients both small and large ensure that an optimal experience is delivered to their end-users.


Our Performance Testing expertise includes Load, Stress, Scalability, Spike, Configuration, and Endurance Testing.


Load Testing

Testing the behavior of a system under a specific expected load (e.g. the expected concurrent number of users on an application performing a specific number of transactions with a set duration).


Stress Testing

Testing the behavior of a system at a multiplier of the expected load (e.g. a greater number of users on an application performing an increased number of transactions within a set duration).


Scalability Testing

The determination of maximum system capacity (e.g. the number of users or the transaction rate at which the system no longer meets requirements).


Spike Testing

Testing the behavior and recovery of a system before, during, and after short durations of increased load.


Configuration Testing

Testing the effects of system configuration changes on the system’s performance and behavior.


Endurance Testing

Testing the system’s sustainability of performance (memory, response times, performance levels) throughout an extended period of continuous expected load.

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.