Patching & Packaging

Olenick develops well-executed Patching & Packaging/Image Management programs for our clients.

Adapting your organization’s Patching & Packaging and Image Management to increased security requirements, Java updates, and complex software landscapes is critical. Olenick’s services provide standardization, increased security, and tangible efficiency gains. Our quality-focused expertise and deep experience with desktop applications allow us to address the most complex application environments.

We provide client wins in the following areas:

  • Install all enterprise applications in a locked down environment
  • Establish and manage desktop installations efficiently and consistently throughout the enterprise
  • Simplify application support, license management, and centralized distribution


Related Services

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.
Robotic Patch Validation (RPV)

RPV leverages Olenick’s expertise in automation scripting and innovative tooling and removes the intensive effort and high cost of automated testing.

Olenick Advisory

Olenick Advisory supercharges patch testing and patch rollout.