Patch Testing

Highly complex software environments require specialized testing to verify functionality and mitigate risk when monthly patches are deployed.


Olenick provides a yearly, cost effective testing service to help identify defects and report critical issues before patches are rolled out to the entire organization. Olenick’s desktop and server patch testing services have led clients to realize the following benefits:


  • Uninterrupted end user experienc by testing at the desktop and server level
  • Up to date applications that integrate as expected
  • Teams that stay focused on critical projects with a service model that automatically addresses patch-related risks


After an initial development phase to define key test scenarios and integration points, we test against monthly patches to confirm that applications continue to function as expected. Throughout the year, adjustments can be made to accommodate new application/operating system versions or upgrades.

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.

Olenick's WinPac service mitigates the risk associated with Microsoft Windows update maintenance through a TEST, DEPLOY, and REPORT process.

Robotic Patch Validation (RPV)

RPV leverages Olenick’s expertise in automation scripting and innovative tooling and removes the intensive effort and high cost of automated testing.