Functional Testing

Olenick provides an extensive set of Functional Testing services that ensure software implementations meet your business and quality goals.


Our Functional Testing services support all application types and all system architectures, with capability in both agile and traditional environments.


Our proprietary testing framework, Functional Readiness, is customized for each client engagement. Incorporating our proven practices into your processes and culture results in a shared vision for reducing risk in your deployment; Olenick clients’ software deployments are delivered with the highest possible quality.


Functional Testing benefits include:

  • Test results dashboards that summarize data for traceability and high-level reporting
  • Proprietary frameworks for functional testing and project governance, designed and proven to maximize client results and reduce costs
  • A delivery solution that fits client needs including onshore/offshore models for cost effectiveness and quick ramp up, consulting projects, or managed service models
  • Regression testing to maintain the stability and integrity of business functions

Functional Testing activities include:

  • Test Strategy and Planning
  • Test Management
  • Test Case Authoring
  • Test Execution
  • Results Reporting and Tracking
  • Metrics Tracking Using Business Intelligence-Driven Dashboards
  • Load Testing


We have expertise across the breadth of functional testing, including:

System Testing:

Testing that verifies the features and functionality of an application against a set of defined requirements.

Integration Testing:

Testing that validates end-to-end scenarios and integration with external applications and utilities.

User Acceptance Testing:

Testing is usually performed by an end-user or customer to determine whether a system or application is working according to requirements and design specifications.

Operational Readiness Testing:
Testing of the application production or simulated production environment that includes: backup and recovery, disaster recovery, failover, installation, and back out.
Regression Testing:
The retesting of applications close to deployment that was developed or altered throughout each sprint to ensure all expected functionality is stable.

Test planning and test execution of an application or suite of applications as part of a system implementation or upgrade can easily have a lifecycle of its own. We simultaneously simplify and improve functional regression testing. We have over 20 years of experience in helping clients roll out successful software systems.


Compatibility Testing:
This is an increasingly necessary component of testing to ensure that applications function as intended across highly fragmented platforms. Olenick’s compatibility lab provides testing across a variety of physical and cloud-based devices, and any number of configurations to verify functionality and improve user experience. Validating that applications continue to work across a variety of environments is critical to increasing application success and driving positive brand perception.

Clients report the following benefits when they engage Olenick:

  • Peace of mind that an application has been evaluated on a number of different platforms, in a way that replicates customer use
  • Cost savings from leveraging Olenick’s compatibility lab devices and testing frameworks
  • Improved visibility and management of defects that allows for faster defect resolution
  • Increased focus on feature completion and SDLC within a limited set of platforms
Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.