Olenick’s DevOps process accelerators help customers with a number of tools and practices that effectively move the discovery of product and software defects closer to their point of origin and assist the development team with producing higher quality, more testable code.

Through these practices, the team is able to identify defects more quickly. This reduces QA and development costs and development and deployment time of new features.


Our DevOps services allow clients to create a well-rounded development team with more creative capability.

Olenick provides the development team with timely assurance that no existing functionality has been broken as they move through the product development life cycle.


Olenick helps clients implement DevOps practices and tools including:

  • Automated Unit Tests
  • Automated Builds
  • Automated Deployment
  • Virtual Test Lab Provisioning
  • Moving to Continuous Integration as a Code Management Policy


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Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.
Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a leading SDLC management platform, through which Olenick has extensive experience managing and implementing software projects.