Project Management and Quality Reporting Dashboards are instrumental in providing visibility and helping leaders make informed business decisions.

Often times, the data inputs for dashboards are scattered across the organization in multiple operational systems and are difficult to retrieve. Olenick provides clients with dashboards that integrate and summarize disparate data. Our dashboards facilitate tracking and understanding of the efficiencies and successes of operations within an organization.


Olenick improves client dashboard development projects through our comprehensive understanding of how to present consolidated data in current and historical perspectives. We provide frameworks that continuously capture key data that is stored across numerous operational systems in an organization and use presentation design that facilitates fast access to data and tools to support “what if” analysis.


Our deep knowledge of accounting, time and billing, and project management systems allows us to help clients determine the metrics to inform what the business cares about and accelerate a project through the requirements phase into the development phase.



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Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.
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Microsoft Power BI

Clients engage Olenick to implement Power BI to bridge the gap between their team’s or organization’s raw data, and subsequent analytics-based decisions.