Cyber Security Assessments

Now more than ever, online resources are critical to keeping your business running and employees operating.

However, every service you provide online presents another potential vulnerability to your company. The internet is filled with malefactors around the globe looking for easy targets. It is imperative to minimize the attack vectors that put your company at risk by drawing the attention of hackers with a company digital presence that shows a lack of attention to security.


Sensitive company information may be exposed and defenseless against hackers when employees use personal networks for work. Olenick has the tools to reduce risks and keep your remote environments secure. Our Vulnerability Assessment is one of the easiest and most effective steps your company can take to minimize risk.


 The Assessment:

  • Reveals any flaws in employees’ digital presence that might have been overlooked when standing up services
  • Uncovers open ports to at-risk services
  • Identifies if your web server is missing a patch that renders it vulnerable to exploitation
  • Produces a report listing network-visible issues with instructions on how to resolve them


A full-scale penetration test of your organization can be a complex and costly undertaking. Our assessments can be completed within a timeframe of two weeks or less.


Get in touch with Olenick today to kick start your company’s cyber security with the Olenick Vulnerability Assessment.