Compliance & Certifications

Every company must follow both internal policies and external laws, guidelines, and standards that regulate its operation.

IT compliance specifically includes processes for complying with laws governing data security, but it also includes internal policies that cover technology and electronic communication. These policies specify who has access to sensitive company data and information, and how the organization will monitor things such as technology use and email communication. Without regulations, businesses are at risk of allowing crime, corruption, and other missteps.


Olenick’s Compliance practice includes all activities that maintain and provide systematic proof of adherence to those rules and regulations,

both internal and external, imposed upon the company. This is done through a defensible process that’s audited and reviewed by compliance analysts, with checks and controls put in place to make sure everything is done according to the standards. This ensures that gaps are detected, corrected, and escalated when appropriate.


Olenick’s experience in compliance includes the review of change and release tickets for production deployment, implementing process improvements, providing development teams with training and assistance with compliance-related questions, documenting processes and procedures for the app teams, assigning out corrective and preventive actions, and providing IT Audit support.


Compliance has been a part of Olenick’s collaboration with its partners for more than 10 years, maintaining sustained increases in our client’s teams’ compliance adherence throughout the years.



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