Cloud Migrations

Our current business climate is prompting many companies to explore Cloud Computing as a way to respond to and support an increased remote workforce.

In addition to optimizing remote access, migrating applications to the cloud provides benefits such as reduced hardware and data center control costs, as well as a much simpler alternative to onsite infrastructure. It is critical to the success of cloud migrations to have a bulletproof strategy and process for moving data and applications to the cloud, and to identify potential cloud migration challenges and pitfalls so that they can be avoided.


Olenick consultants have years of experience in navigating Cloud Migration challenges. We will work with your team to align your cloud migration strategy with your business objectives, and bring our extensive experience to ensure that your on-premise infrastructure and legacy systems communicate seamlessly with your cloud provider. Our consultants handle the technical setup of your cloud migration to minimize interruption of your team’s access to the application throughout the process.


Our Cloud Migration Services Support the Full Project Development Lifecycle; from Business Analysis, to Project Management, to all forms of Manual and Automated testing, including:


System Integration

Project Management

Compliance and Certifications

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Migration


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