Change Management

Change is happening in your organization.

Every day, new initiatives and projects are launched to improve performance, increase profits, and enhance your competitive advantage. Change Management is the approach to driving adoption and usage, so that initiatives deliver expected results and outcomes. Effective application of Change Management enables organizations to deliver results on each change more effectively and build competencies that grow the organization’s capacity to tackle more changes at one time.


Value doesn’t come from change. Value comes from changes that get adopted and used.

Following the ADKAR methodology ensures our clients solutions have the support and adoption to be successful.

The ADKAR model is based on the common—yet often overlooked—reality that organizational change only happens when individuals change. This model drives powerful results by supporting individual changes to achieve organizational success. ADKAR offers a structured approach to ensure that each individual experiencing change moves through the five phases necessary to make overall change successful.


ADKAR Infographic


Sample deliverables include:


  • Stakeholder Lists
  • Change Environment Analysis
  • Change Management Strategy and Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Training Analysis/Plan



Benefits of effective Change Management include:


  • IT Projects staying on time and on budget
  • Increased adoption and utilization of new processes and technologies by employees
  • Increased team proficiency in using new processes and technologies
  • Positive team building and boosted morale



At Olenick, we offer a Change Management workstream that complements our Project Management offerings. Our Change Management offers:


  • Structured and formal processes, following the Prosci ADKAR methodology
  • Certified Prosci ADKAR professionals
  • Integration with Project Management
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