Business Intelligence

Discover, Innovate, Succeed. 

Businesses today struggle to effectively utilize the massive amounts of data that exists within their organization: data from customers, suppliers, marketing, sales, finance, and many other sources.   


Olenick’s Business Intelligence (BI) services harness, organize, and transform an organization’s data into actionable insights that facilitate sound business decisions and drive better business results. 


Olenick’s expertise encompasses the key elements that drive successful BI initiatives: business and data analysis, BI strategy and tool selection, project management and solution design, development, testing, and implementation. 


Olenick partners with our clients to understand the maturity of their BI capabilities and the specific business challenges they wish to overcome. We leverage our extensive experience in BI to create a custom BI strategy, select the appropriate toolsdesign, develop and finally implement a solution that best meets our client’s needs. 


Olenick’s BI services will help your business find the next blockbuster product or product innovation, new market, productivity, process improvement, or cost savings. 

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.