Automation Governance

All project teams today face the challenge of efficiently delivering high quality solutions at a low cost.

As such, software teams around the world are increasingly turning to automated solutions in order to increase productivity and responsiveness, reduce human error, and assist with the identification of issues.

Without appropriate planning and controls, however, automation initiatives are susceptible to veering off course from their intended goals, resulting in cost overruns and compromising the useful life of the solution.

Olenick’s Automation Governance equips your organization with the expert oversight and automation knowledge to mitigate the challenges of effectively implementing automated solutions.

Automation Governance is a Quality Assurance structure made up of expertise (people) and repeatable methods (processes) to help your organization optimize its automation investments. For clients who leverage the Automation Governance program, Olenick:

  • Identifies and analyzes latent automation opportunities
  • Enables more informed decisions on automation investments
  • Assures the durability of your automation assets
  • Delivers management-level dashboard reporting for automation initiatives

Olenick’s Governance Team collaborates closely with your team to identify areas where automation can introduce quality or efficiencies into the team’s delivery. Accounting for potential synergies with other projects across your organization, Olenick works with automation engineers to assess the implementation cost, and forecasts your return – all of which is tracked and measured through a professional dashboard tailored for your organization.

Olenick’s Automation Governance team will help you maintain focus on – and appropriately implement – the critical automation initiatives across your organization.

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.
Enterprise Quality Governance

The four Enterprise Quality Governance pillars of Process, Test Asset, Quality Information and Environment adopts industry best practices from the TMM, customizing them to accommodate the unique mission of the IT organization.