Utility Substation Engineering

Utility substations are a critical component of the modern power grid.


Substations and related infrastructure must keep pace with numerous challenges in the current environment such as increased security requirements, NERC regulations, and growing maintenance needs and safety concerns.


Olenick has partnered with our utilities clients to modernize substations by upgrading equipment, implementing security enhancements, replacing devices and incorporating cutting-edge technologies.


Olenick’s Substation experience for utilities includes:

Intelligent Substation Upgrades

This project modernized several dozen substations to improve communications and replace aging electro-mechanical equipment with new microprocessor-based devices. Replacing analog circuits with optical fiber and microwave networks while incorporating Fault Location and Data Analytics, Olenick improved two-way communications between the utility office and substations as well as system monitoring.


Substation eKey Security

This project implemented a new eKey security system for utility substations, enabling access to substations to be granted via a mobile device with the key being turned on and off. Olenick helped deploy eKeys and locks at over 200 substations.

ComEd FISK Generation Station Upgrades

Olenick managed the vendors implementing new security technologies and enhancements for the FISK Generation Plant Substation.


NERC CIP Brightline Standards

Implementing cyber and physical security around field devices at a substation to meet new NERC CIP Brightline standards.


Substation Security Project

Olenick led the Physical Security Management effort for designated utility substations, including the installation of day and night vision cameras, FLIR cameras, fences, gates, and privacy screens at each of the substations per upgrade plan. We also managed the integration of the device and server IT connectivity for each substation.


Transmission and Substation DMS Upgrade

Olenick developed requirements and executed plans to test and deploy a single new software product for the Transmission and Substation (T&S) distribution management system, to handle the management, hardware design, change control, sharing and security of their various sensitive electronic drawings under NERC CIP regulations for Transmission and Substation Engineering.