Radio Systems

Radio and communication networks are essential technologies for the logistical work of utilities companies to coordinate their crews and field operations.


These radio systems sustain communication with employees even during storms or catastrophic events. Olenick has deep and extensive experience with radio/communications projects for energy companies, including radio equipment upgrades, programming support, and deployment of new systems and networks.


Olenick’s Radio Systems experience for utilities includes:

Radio System Upgrade

Replacement of the utility’s existing two-way radio system with a new private radio system to deliver improved voice quality, service territory coverage, and security of communications. Olenick provided project management for the deployment, which upgraded facilities and replaced all existing equipment at 25 radio sites, 3 dispatch locations, and 1200+ field radios.


800 MHz Radio Project

Replacement of the existing radio system (infrastructure, radios, dispatcher consoles) to address system obsolescence and performance issues and to comply with the FCC’s Frequency Rebanding Rule and Order. Olenick managed testing, including requirements for testing traceability, identifying gaps, and reviewing all test scenarios created by Motorola.


WiMax Project

Olenick provided project management, technical writing, and business analysis to test the practicality of using a WiMax radio area network to replace vendor-owned analog circuits.


Multiple Address Radio (MAS) Updates

Olenick delivered programming support for the MAS system used to consolidate remote terminal units (RTUs) into the utility’s SCADA system. Programming and deploying new code to the MAS radios helped to quickly extract configuration or event data for analysis, troubleshooting, and updates.


Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Upgrade

Olenick provided the Project Management Office (PMO) for deploying 1,200 new mobile and handheld radios to replace an older system, used for dispatch and field communications while maintaining continuous Crew and Dispatch radio field operations. Olenick delivered financial management and oversight of installation contractors, as well as procurement oversight with Motorola and other vendors to ensure equipment delivery.