Quality Assurance Training

Olenick leverages it’s 20+ years of Quality Assurance expertise to train individuals of all skill levels in the science of QA.

From consultants beginning their career in QA with Olenick, to clients looking to set up and lead their team’s own QA department independently, our QA training sessions have a solution for you.

We assist clients training entry-level hires in their organization by providing hands-on instruction in a curated test environment. They learn fundamental industry knowledge through some of the market’s leading test tools- how to create, execute, and monitor tests, and how to lead and manage a testing project. Olenick provides essential knowledge for organizations looking to strengthen their QA departments through interactive training, using real world issues and applying relevant QA solutions.

Our training can range from QA 101 sessions to customizable courses to suit your company’s QA needs.


Olenick’s Quarterly QA Training Sessions- Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical training session topics?

Olenick’s subject matter experts will lead sessions focused on Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing best practices for QA and non-QA professionals. The content differs for each track (QA Fundamentals and QA Advanced) and changes each quarter. All content is designed to assist your organization as your QA program evolves.

Sessions will include topics such as how to author and execute test cases, measuring QA success, developing test strategies, linking defects to requirements, test management tooling options, and much more.

Sessions will include classroom-style lecture with interactive, hands-on components.

Who should attend these sessions?

QA Fundamentals: topics are designed for those who are responsible for verifying that a software application is ready for use. This often includes non-QA professionals who are subject matter experts of a particular application.

QA Advanced: topics are designed for Application Managers or those who manage QA and/or testing strategy, planning, or resources. This is often QA professionals looking to refine or enhance their skills, and mature their organization’s QA processes.

Do I need any prior QA knowledge to attend the sessions?

For QA Fundamentals sessions, you do not need to have any prior QA or Testing experience to enjoy the session.

For QA Advanced sessions, we recommend that you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of QA and Testing best practices, principles, and methodologies.

Should I have anything prepared for the session?

Attendees should be prepared with a working computer equipped with Microsoft Office, functional internet, and any writing materials to take notes.

How frequently are sessions held?

There will be (2) sessions each quarter. Both Sessions will be live and hosted via GoToWebinar. The links will be sent directly to attendees in the weeks leading up to the sessions.

Is the cost per person or per organization?

The first QA Fundamentals session (3/4/20) and the first QA Advanced session (3/11/20) are complimentary. Future sessions will include a small fee per participating organization, per track.

How many people can attend each session?

There is no limit to the number of attendees.

Do I have to be an Olenick client to attend?

No, you do not have to be an Olenick Client to attend the sessions. We welcome everyone!

Can I record the session or get access to a recording?

Each presentation will be recorded by the Olenick team and provided to all attendees following the session. We ask that attendees Do Not record their own video of the session and that the recordings we provide be used strictly for internal purposes only.

How do I opt-out of the invitation emails?

To opt out of emails: Simply, click unsubscribe at the bottom of the invitation letter. Our team will be notified and you will no longer receive invitation letters.

Can Olenick develop customized training tailored to my organization and our testing needs?

Yes, of course! Olenick has experience delivering tailored training to Legal and Credit Union organizations.

If you would like to learn more about customized training or Olenick’s other QA and Testing capabilities, feel free to message us directly.

For any additional questions, please contact us here.