Outage Management

A reliable and modernized Outage Management System (OMS) plays a key role for utilities in maintaining and restoring customer service.


The ability for customers to report outages and for utilities to assign these issues efficiently to restoration crews is essential for customer satisfaction.  OMS technology improves the ability to identify, analyze and escalate customer outage events, and is pivotal to restoring service when outages occur.


Olenick has deep expertise in implementing, testing and updating Outage Management Systems to help our utilities partners reduce restoration times, improve customer communication, increase safety, and enhance coordination with the public and regulatory bodies.


Olenick’s OMS experience for utilities includes:

Outage Management System Implementation

An upgrade of the utility’s OMS/DMS, including custom configurations to the client’s large-scale needs. Olenick provided the full suite of System Integration services: project management, data migration, tool development, environmental controls, quality assurance, testing and communication/training.


Outage Management Hardware Testing

Implementation of new OMS system hardware. Olenick provided testing coordination for all hardware upgrade testing activities, including functional, performance, failover, switchover and disaster recovery testing.


Outage Management System Testing

Olenick provided quality assurance for the utility’s updated OMS system, incorporating enhancements to make analyzing and dispatching outages easier. Olenick delivered Requirements Definition, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), System Integration Testing (SIT), and Performance Testing.


ADMS System Integration

Olenick oversees quality control and software testing for a multi-year ADMS integration program involving multiple utility subsidiaries to consolidate three main systems: D-SCADA, Outage Management System (OMS), and Advanced Distribution Applications. Olenick delivers the planning, coordination and management of quality assurance for the entire system integration.

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Software Testing in the Real-Time Systems World

Olenick provides comprehensive testing of Real-Time Systems to Utilities clients, which control the delivery of critical electricity, natural gas, and water to utility customers.

Outage Management and Seasonal Readiness Testing
End-to-End Performance Testing for Storm Critical Systems

The Seasonal Readiness Test (SRT) is a performance test of storm-critical applications: OMS, MWFM, SCADA, and AMI systems, to verify operational readiness ahead of storm seasons.