In our increasingly mobile world, industries need to innovate with mobile solutions.

Olenick has supported client projects in implementing mobile applications, mobile devices, and mobile approaches such as Mobile Workforce Management. Olenick’s services for mobile projects include: Project Management, System Integration, Test Management, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Automated Testing,Development, and Change Management.

Olenick’s Mobile Expertise Includes:

  • Mobile Website Proof of Concept: supporting development of mobile web application to enhance the communication channels with utility customers. Mobile app features enabled customer payments, outage management, and enhanced security features.
  • Mobile Workforce Management Application: implementation of automated Mobile Workforce Management applications supporting more than 3,000 field crews, dispatchers, and supervisors. Olenick provided test management for the original release of the mobile application, as well as mobility support and new enhancement System Integration support for almost ten years.
  • Hardware integration: Utilizing the user interface of a mobile app to interact with hardware such as door locks and streaming media devices. This integration not only empowers users with more functionality but also promotes the use of the application overall.
  • Virtual Tools: Expanding test execution while keeping on budget by utilizing various virtual tools and software platforms to perform testing scenarios. Olenick’s employees have experience working with several virtual tools and cloud-based software which alleviates the need for purchasing real devices for testing.
  • Utility Radio System Upgrade: replacement of the utility’s existing two-way radio system with a new private radio system to deliver improved voice quality, service territory coverage, and security of communications. Olenick provided project management and leadership for the deployment of the new radio system, which involved upgrading facilities and replacing all existing equipment at 25 radio sites, three dispatch locations, and 1200+ field radios.
  • Utility Mobile Application: development of a mobile application for utility subsidiaries to provide a “best in class” mobile app to customers that is responsive and robust in functionality. Olenick provided test coordination, test automation, and DevOps support to ensure a high-quality deployment and expedite deployment and testing.
  • Website and Mobile Applications: deployment of better processes and tools for the user community of the utility’s website and mobile applications. Olenick developed and implemented solutions using automated testing to perform complex regression tests to significantly shorten manual testing time and reduce project costs.