Microgrids – small power grids with defined boundaries – can function as independent power systems during interruptions on the main grid and use newer renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, or battery power.


Microgrids will help utilities maintain normal operations while implementing new technology, and one of the trends in the industry is to establish microgrids in remote or susceptible regions to keep consistent power flow to those areas.


Olenick has partnered with our utilities clients to leverage this emerging technology solution.


Olenick’s Microgrid experience for utilities includes:

Bronzeville Community Microgrid

This project implemented one of the nation’s first utility-operated microgrid clusters. Olenick performed system design and architecture for the new microgrid, which can operate independently in case of interruptions on the main grid. The project advances the design and performance of the electric system serving northern Illinois.


Microgrid RFP Development and Scoring

The Olenick team created the Request for Proposal (RFP) to source and score vendors for building and delivering a complete and functioning microgrid system. This included implementing technology focusing on the utility’s communication protocols, alerting and monitoring technology to ensure that communication with interfacing systems and controlling centers.

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