Olenick has over 20 years of experience working with generation management/energy management systems and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).


Olenick’s services for SCADA utilities projects include: Test Management, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, System Integration, Change Management, NERC CIP Compliance, Software Engineering and Training.


Olenick’s SCADA experience for Utilities includes:

  • Transmission SCADA System Implementation: upgrade of a Transmission SCADA System for a major utility organization managing more than 2,500 stations including transmission (TSS), transmission distribution (TDC), distribution (DC), and electrical substations (ESS).


  • SCADA Data Maintenance: long-term data maintenance services for the utility’s SCADA system, including data modeling and testing for data quality, functionality, performance and user acceptance testing, one-line display and info page updates, data modification, troubleshooting telemetry issues, documentation, and training.


  • SCADA System Compliance & Monitoring: managing all NERC CIP compliance issues for utility’s SCADA system application, delivering a high level of compliance and achieving the Gold Standard for utility’s external NERC CIP audit. Olenick also performed upgrades, patching, and maintenance to the application used to monitor the client’s SCADA system.


  • SCADA Support: support for the designing, building, testing, implementing, and maintaining of the utility’s SCADA solutions and processes. Olenick’s services include updating SCADA electrical drawings to reflect changes in the Distribution and Transmission configurations, building, and maintaining databases of field points, and testing field equipment coming into the SCADA system.


  • SCADA Smart Grid System Implementation: upgrade to replace the existing SCADA system with newer version. Olenick was the System Integrator providing project management, integration, environmental controls, software testing, and change management services.