Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is a crucial tool in management of the electric distribution network.


GIS enables utilities to maintain important geospatial data and display it on geographic maps. Olenick partners with its utilities clients to ensure successful delivery of this mission-critical technology.


Olenick’s GIS experience for utilities includes:

GIS Platform and System Integration

A large utility was merging 6 operating companies with 6 different Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and needed to unify around business processes, interfaces, designs, and support functions. This project integrated these multiple geographic information systems onto a single common platform, implementing an updated version of GE Smallworld and GE Design Manager. Olenick led the testing team and provided testing cycles for Unit Testing, Factory Acceptance, Performance Testing, and System Acceptance Testing.


Utility SharePoint Site Development

After major restructuring, the utility needed new SharePoint sites for its new organizational model. Olenick developed new sites for SCADA and OMS GIS reflecting the look and feel of the new functional organization.