Electronic Medical Records

Electronic recordkeeping for patient data has become a cornerstone of the Healthcare industry; providers and patients rely on the efficacy and accuracy of Electronic Medical Record systems.

Olenick is experienced with helping healthcare clients assess whether their current EMR systems are sufficiently equipped to support their operations. This allows for proactivity in staying ahead of growth to ensure their systems have the capacity to support the appropriate load of patient records. We help healthcare organizations focus on serving their patients by building confidence in their EMR application deployments with our targeted Functional Test Automation solution. Olenick’s testing best practices allow your application teams to more easily and accurately achieve compliance with industry standards.


We leverage our Performance Testing expertise to identify any bottlenecks in code or infrastructure that could result in a failure point for operations, and work with your team to remediate those issues. Olenick’s EMR testing services provide our clients with the data needed to make informed decisions on system architecture, as well as deliver a repeatable testing framework to set you up for future success. Additionally, Olenick’s Integration Testing solution helps validate that data is exchanged seamlessly between disparate applications in a portal environment.


Elevate the quality of your EMR application implementation by drawing on Olenick’s testing skills and experience; reach out to us to learn more.