Digital Banking

Financial institutions are challenged to provide a cutting-edge digital banking solution

that keeps up with the pace of customer demand for automation, integration, and security. Your customers and members expect a flawless, responsive, and secure platform, and Olenick is here to help you deliver it.


Olenick has experience with a variety of core systems and software solutions, browsers, and mobile platforms. Our history of success includes leading digital banking implementation projects, new integrations, and software upgrades. Each project completion enabled our client to deliver a superior technology experience and improve operational efficiency.


Many digital banking solutions push frequent software releases to keep technology current and fix irritating defects. We have developed regression testing strategies and test case suites for clients to ensure their production environment is ready for change.


Olenick’s services span the entire digital banking lifecycle. Contact us to find out more about our experience with:

  • Test Estimate Identification
  • Test Planning and Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Software Quality Engineering
  • Functional, Integration, End-to-End, Regression, User Acceptance, and Performance Testing
  • Project and Deployment Management
  • Vendor Management Efficiencies
  • Release Management
  • Test Automation