Digital Accessibility

Reaching Your Website’s Broadest Possible Audience is Critical.

Businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profits are realizing the benefits that come from having a well-designed website that is accessible to the broadest possible audience, and remaining at the forefront of web accessibility standards can prove to be a challenging task.

Olenick conducts specialized testing to quickly evaluate your website against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) standards, identify opportunities to improve usability, and implement these changes in order to guarantee your website’s WCAG Compliance.


Benefits of WCAG 2.1 Standards Compliance

  • Reach a larger online audience (13% of the population reported a disability)
  • Increase user adoption of online transactions and reduce higher cost transaction channels
  • Meet accessibility compliance for contractual / regulatory acceptance


We Identify Opportunities for Website Usability Improvement

VISUAL:  Blindness, low vision, color blindness

AUDITORY:  Deafness, hard of hearing

MOTOR:  Inability to use a mouse, slow response times

COGNITIVE:  Learning disabilities, distractability, reading level, ESL


Olenick leverages our Accessibility Toolkit to accelerate the testing process, assessing every website element and pinpointing areas of deficiency. After the conclusion of a test, you will receive a comprehensive report with clear usability recommendations for your site. Olenick helps you implement and test the recommendations, so you will have the confidence that comes from improving WCAG 2.1 compliance with no major impacts to your site’s functionality.


Our Accessibility services also identify key areas for focus groups to review for future enhancements and establish process standards to ensure future updates remain in compliance.

Olenick has developed and honed an extensive set of tools that improve productivity and engagement impact for our clients.