Brent Melson Headshot

Brent Melson

Vice President, Innovation

Brent Melson is the Vice President of Innovation for Olenick and is responsible for leading business innovation, productizing service lines, and driving new business opportunities. Brent has implemented quality processes for multiple international mobile operators and has driven quality projects with large IT customers including: Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, and Apple. Prior to joining Olenick, Brent was the CTO of NSTL, where he helped grow revenue more than 10x over seven years. He designed and implemented over 20 certification programs in the IT space from WHQL to BREW to OpenADR. He also was the Director of Software for Intertek, where he led Intertek’s software services group. Brent has spoken at a number of industry conferences and is a published author in many trade communications. Brent received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Delaware. Brent is involved in the creation of Quality test methodologies as well as the design and implementation of Quality Assurance programs and projects for a variety of business verticals. He has extensive experience in IT development and software testing, and has expertise covering diverse disciplines such as the creation of synthetic benchmarks, design of usability studies, and implementation and creation of device and product acceptance/certification programs.


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