UiPath RPA

UiPath RPA is a Robotic Process Automation Tool (RPA).

Remember when automated User Interface Tools came on the market during Y2K testing? Some insightful users used these tools to drive transactions from one application to another. UiPath simplifies these repetitive business processes by automating them from end-to-end. UiPath has proven its self as a market leader and is supported by a rich marketplace for integrating other frameworks and solutions, such as machine learning and optical character recognition.


With over 20 years experience in IT consulting, Olenick realized the need for tools like UiPath early on while engaging clients with automated testing. Armed with that knowledge – and leveraging transferrable functional  automation experience – Olenick developed a partnership with UiPath that continues to grow today through Olenick’s many trained and certified consultants in UiPath RPA.  What’s more Olenick will partner with clients, utilizing a proprietary “Automation Governance” Model, to identify processes within your organization that would benefit from RPA and implement the associated automation.

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