Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications that supports different browsers and platforms and is growing in popularity.

In the hands of a skilled SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test), Selenium has proven to be a strong functional testing solution. It is not well suited for testers without strong coding skills.  A very active user community has led to a wide array of framework enhancements to expedite development and simplify maintenance.


Olenick’s skilled SDET consultants are well-versed and experienced in the development of robust test suites using Selenium leveraging a wide variety of technology stacks optimized for each project’s unique requirements.


Olenick will help select and implement the best technology stack to deliver robust test automation that’s easy to maintain.  Recent projects include Protractor and BrowserStack coupled with Decorator and Fluent Design patterns for superior readability and reusability. Others include Groovy, Spock, and implemented with Geb and Selenium WebDriver.

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