Olenick Quality Business Intelligence

Olenick Quality Business Intelligence (QBI) is a service that can prove to be a significant contributor to the success of a project.


QBI extracts detailed test outcomes and quality metrics into a cloud database, allowing you to standardize quality information into business-ready deliverables. Providing an in-depth analysis and presentation of data across multiple projects allows our clients to optimize their application quality, and receive insights about their projects and business.


Olenick QBI can also be customized to integrate other data that relates to application quality, such as support tickets or budget information. This allows clients to further dig into their existing data, and make informed decisions about their application quality evaluation efforts.


Olenick QBI Service Offerings:

  • Fully Automated – The process of data collection to report delivery is completely automated
  • Cloud Based – The architecture of the system is built to live in the cloud
  • Power BI – Reports are custom, professional looking, and interactive
  • Snapshot History – The reports can reference a snapshot of test results from any point in time
  • Database Access – Direct access to your Microsoft SQL database is available
  • Data Isolation – Datasets are designed to be secure and independent of each other but can be configured for relational reports


Dashboard Examples:

QBI Image 1

QBI Image 2

QBI Image 3

QBI Image 4


Olenick QBI High-Level Architecture Illustration:

QBI Chart


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