Enterprise Quality Governance

Enterprise Quality Governance is Olenick’s scalable framework that enables IT organizations to reduce development costs while raising the quality of deployments with repeatable automated processes, durable test assets, and feedback metrics to manage results.


EQG consists of four primary management pillars: Process, Test Asset, Quality Information, and Environment.  Each pillar adopts industry-best practices from the Test Maturity Model (TMM), while customizing them to accommodate the unique application portfolio and mission of the IT organization.


EQG stands out from standard TCOE with the following

  • Durable Test Assets to sustain for the life of the applications
  • Exhaustive quality data capture and robust metrics reporting framework to facilitate improvement analysis and predictive guidance
  • Quality-related checkpoints designed to support internal and external compliance and certification mandates
  • Automation Governance approach to eliminate traditional failures in achieving predicted savings in cost, time, and quality


Benefits that clients experience with Olenick EQG

  • Scalability and distribution to facilitate adoption within EU, Enterprise, & Infrastructure applications
  • Key focus on integration test asset delivery for support of ‘end to end’ testing of mission-critical application portfolios
  • Support of 3rd party applications and system integrators
  • Ease of interfacing with regulatory compliance reporting within many of the quality processes
  • Quality metrics data capture, providing much-needed reporting on the impact of efficiency tools and processes and baselining across EU horizontal areas
  • Both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies are supported
  • Application test primers will reduce costs for ramp-up of testing support resources through more effective training
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