Automation Value Assessment

A proprietary scoring process for Functional UI or API Testing, Load Testing, or Robotic Process Automation, to ensure your automation efforts are achievable and justified.

Your organization suspects that automating certain business processes may save time, money, and ensure accuracy. Or, your organization has decided to implement automated testing, but is not sure which tests would yield the greatest return. Wouldn’t it be useful to have a way to assess the importance and value of automation in a quantifiable way before proceeding?


Olenick’s Automation Value Assessment Service Team works with your team to provide a customized statistical evaluation of which automation efforts will best serve your organization – allowing your efforts to be focused on what is most beneficial, and preventing company dollars from being wasted on less fruitful automation efforts.


Automation Value Assessment Chart 1

Automation Value Assessment Chart 2


Olenick’s Automation Value Assessment team conducts a workshop with your business and/or IT departments to quickly and efficiently take inventory of all candidate automation candidate efforts, and scores them giving you insights regarding:


  • Automatability of the process/function
  • Importance to the business
  • Returns you can expect on automation of these candidate efforts


Automation Value Assessment Tool


With this critical information, you can proceed down an automation path that makes the most sense for your business with clear expectations on what investments and returns you can expect as a result.


The workshop process of identifying customized automation value calculation has provided our clients a number of benefits, including:


  • Bringing Business and IT departments more closely in sync with current processes and automation goals
  • Providing an opportunity to assess multiple automation types in a single workshop session (UI, API, Functional Testing, RPA, etc)
  • Providing clear single message training applicable to various departments on what automation is, and is not.
  • Facilitating scoring and prioritization of automation candidates​, based on Relative business impact / priority and effort to automate ​
  • Providing a unified Roadmap Strategy for automating in most effective way moving forward



Whether it is Functional UI or API Testing, Load Testing, or Robotic Process Automation, Olenick will leverage its proprietary scoring process and tool to ensure your automation efforts are achievable and justified.

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