Automation Enablement

Automation of business processes can save time, money, and reduce error – but where to begin?

Without the right guidance and support in your automation strategy and implementation, the outcome can be less than optimal. Olenick offers a complete set of Automation services meant to build upon one another over time. Our Automation service package ensures that your automation projects get off the ground and are successfully implemented.

Automation Enablement Service Diagram

Olenick Automation Enablement can expedite automation efforts by helping to identify the types of automation that will bring benefit to your organization, defining implementation layers for your projected automation projects, and by providing direction for your team to most successfully test and implement your new automation processes. Following this methodology ensures that automation candidates are selected based on quantitative data, that resources are properly trained, scripts are planned and written to be durable, scripts are reviewed to ensure efficiency/durability and that automation efforts are measured over time to compare planned vs actual.


We begin by working with your Business and IT Application owners on an Automation Assessment Workshop, which will provide a quantitative projection model of automation benefits.


Following the Assessment Workshop, Olenick will:

• Help define implementation layers (e.g. Workflow, Presentation, Environment, Data Objects, Binary, and Code)


• Help your team on choose automation candidate test cases, and identify automatable vs. difficult to automate test cases


• Provide guidance on avoiding common automation obstacles


• Provide instruction on how to decompose manual test cases into automatable chunks


• Provide instruction on how to integrate test data management into your automation strategy


• Help choose the best automation tool for your organization and your application


• Provide guidance on implementing standards and frameworks within your automation team


Contact us today to find out how we can help launch and ensure the success of your organization’s automation projects.

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