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The proper use of technology ‘tools’ can be a significant contributor to the success of a project.

These tools can be software that resets test environments or reports quality metrics. They can be test automation software or test data generation programming. Tools can also be in the form of processes and methodologies.  Most critical is having the knowledge these tools exist and how and when they are best used.


Olenick consultants have deep awareness of the available tools – being commercially sold or open source.  In addition, Olenick invests heavily in developing our own tools when we see gaps in the market.


With our knowledge and experience to select and properly use tools, our clients experience reductions in project costs and time to deployment.  This dimension in our services is one of the reasons Olenick has a enjoyed a track record of client satisfaction of over 20 years.

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Accessibility Toolkit

Olenick has augmented and improved upon standard industry accessibility tools, to ensure your compliance with WCAG accessibility standards.

Automated Desktop Benchmarking

Olenick’s Automated Desktop Benchmarking captures and analyzes metrics for completing specific workstation activities.

Automation Enablement

Our Automation Enablement package ensures that your automation projects get off the ground and are successfully implemented.

Automation Value Assessment

Our proprietary scoring process for Functional UI or API Testing, Load Testing, or Robotic Process Automation, to ensure your automation efforts are achievable and justified.


Eggplant is a unique automation testing tool Olenick uses for functional testing, that supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Enterprise Load Injection

Olenick’s Enterprise Load Injection simulates high user load to identify bottlenecks before the system goes live to users.

Enterprise Quality Governance

The four Enterprise Quality Governance pillars of Process, Test Asset, Quality Information and Environment adopts industry best practices from the TMM, customizing them to accommodate the unique mission of the IT organization.

Functional Readiness

Functional Readiness provides a structured framework for functional testing by prescribing the functional testing activities, processes, and deliverables that are essential to well-functioning software.


Olenick’s Get To offerings provides a simple, low-cost way to deploy iManage Work 10 to all devices, by using automated tooling or SCCM.

Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management

Microfocus ALM is an excellent SDLC tool that Olenick leverages in order to assure high quality deployments.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a leading SDLC management platform, through which Olenick has extensive experience managing and implementing software projects.

Microsoft Power BI

Clients engage Olenick to implement Power BI to bridge the gap between their team’s or organization’s raw data, and subsequent analytics-based decisions.

Olenick Advisory

Olenick Advisory supercharges patch testing and patch rollout.

Olenick Connector

Olenick Connector allows for quick linking of test management tools, and extraction or input of data as part of an automated process.

Olenick Quality Business Intelligence

Olenick Quality Business Intelligence provides in-depth analysis and presentation of data across multiple projects, allowing clients to optimize their application quality.

Performance Readiness

Olenick’s Performance Readiness is a repeatable framework that identifies and resolves performance risks by examining the features, architecture, hardware, and environmental software of an application.

Requirements Assurance

Olenick’s Requirements Assurance approach provides methodology, consistency, and predictability to the requirements process. 

Robotic Patch Validation (RPV)

RPV leverages Olenick’s expertise in automation scripting and innovative tooling and removes the intensive effort and high cost of automated testing.


Olenick’s skilled SDET consultants are experienced in the development of test suites using Selenium, and optimizing for each project’s unique requirements.

Software Acquisition Services

Olenick’s Software Acquisition Services ensure that you get new software for the best cost, and that impact to your business is minimized.

UiPath RPA

Olenick’s partnership with UiPath continues to grow, through Olenick’s many trained and certified consultants in UiPath RPA.


Olenick’s WinPac service mitigates the risk associated with Microsoft Windows update maintenance through a TEST, DEPLOY, and REPORT process.