The Nearshore Advantage

For software projects with tight cost parameters, aggressive timelines, and quality standards to maintain, nearshore services can provide the best solution.  Nearshore solutions provide support close to the home base of the project.  They offer coveted reduced rates, an extended workday and streamlined communication due to shared cultural attributes.  For the past five years, Buenos Aires and Belfast have provided nearshore solutions for many of Olenick’s clients.  They have allowed Olenick to stay competitive on pricing and deliver projects on timelines that would have otherwise been near impossible.

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SmartGrid Electricity Delivery System

The United States electric grid is a network of transmission and distribution lines, substations, transformers, and devices that deliver alternating current electricity from power generation sources (coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass, and natural gas generation plants) to homes and businesses. Development of the infrastructure and power grid was one of the great electrical engineering achievements of the 20th century. However, increasing power demands and increasing system complexity require major improvements to meet the requirements of the 21st century. Electrical power consumption in the United States has increased from 330M kWh in 1950 to over 4100M kWh in 2014.

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Let’s get Connected!

Home is where the heart is and that was no different for Mobile World Congress’s (MWC) Connected City.

The connected home is looking like the next big technology revolution that will dramatically change many aspects of our daily lives. These connected services range from entertainment, home automation and security to healthcare and controlling energy use. The connected home will be a single environment where we’ll be able to keep control of the network, the devices and the data.

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By 2017 Half of the World’s Data will be Stored in Hadoop

Half the world’s data, that is hard to imagine, let alone store.

By now, certainly if you are in the IT industry, you have heard all about Big Data…and maybe even know what Hadoop is and isn’t. One reason the title of this blog could turn out to be accurate, is that half the world’s data will be from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Let’s not forget online video providers; because of the nature of their data, Hadoop and NoSQL solutions are the only technologies (today) that can meet their business needs.

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Navigating Shark Infested Waters at International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

f you stopped by the Olenick & Associates’ booth last week at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) annual conference in Las Vegas, you experienced a great presentation and even better conversation.  Weren’t able to make it?  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss all the fun.  Olenick & Associates’ inaugural booth unveiled the shark theme; a metaphor that aptly captures the challenges deployments tend to take these days.   Swimming in shark infested waters can be similar to the political, funding, and technological issues that you traverse on a daily basis.  With years of navigating the shark infested waters, Olenick & Associates have the people and tools your business needs to reduce the risks you encounter.  Ensure your deployments are more successful – check out the presentation and let us know what risks can we reduce for you?

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