Olenick Roundup: Meltdown & Spectre

Recently, several well-known cyber security analyst teams, including Google Project Zero, alerted the world to a pair of CPU vulnerabilities which have been dubbed Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities allow for data to be stolen while it is being processed on the system and stored in the memory in what is called a “speculative execution side-channel attack”.  

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The Next 20 Years in Utilities - DistribuTECH 2018

DistribuTECH 2018 kicks off Olenick’s 20th year providing solutions to the Utilities industry.  Celebrate with Olenick by visiting booth #1860, registering for the “Mobile Workforce” session, or joining the team for observatory views, cocktails, and appetizers.  More details on Olenick’s DistribuTECH events are provided below, Olenick is lookng forward to seeing you at DistribuTECH 2018! 

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Is application patching and testing keeping you up at night? We have your sleep aid.

Defending desktop environments from security incidents requires a holistic strategy and continuous operational maintenance.  Join Scott Christensen and Brent Melson as they discuss how to mitigate the challenges and risks associated with Windows 10 security and feature updates continuously being rolled out.  “Today you must have a secure desktop environment, you can no longer afford to postpone your patches.  You need a program in place that allows you to patch with confidence,” said Brent Melson, Vice President of Innovation at Olenick.

Register for the Keeping your Windows 10 Desktop Secure: Patch Management and Application Compatibility webinar on Dec 14th from 11am-Noon CST by clicking here.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.  If you have any inquiries about this webinar, please reach out to Derrick Sibbitt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Olenick Sponsors at ILTA INSIGHT 2017

Olenick is a sponsor for the ILTA INSIGHT 2017 Conference in London.  This year’s INSIGHT knowledge sessions focus heavily on Windows 10/Office 365 and security.  “With our experience implementing Windows 10/Office 365 and patching solutions, we have seen a variety of problems and solutions across the industry, and we have a lot to add to the conversation,” said Bill Mertes, Vice President of Olenick’s legal practice. 

By combining expertise in quality engineering with deep experience in the legal industry, Olenick has helped many firms with Windows 10, Patch Management, Packaging, and many other challenges.  Olenick is a Microsoft Gold Partner and longtime ILTA Gold Sponsor.

Visit Bill Mertes, Claire McBride and Ben Tyler at INSIGHT 2017 or reach out directly to Claire McBride at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The Olenick legal technology team is looking forward to an educational and action-oriented INSIGHT 2017 Conference.

Fully Uninstalling Windows Applications

When an MSI based Application is uninstalled, it removes the file system changes that it is aware of, specifically the files, folders and registry keys that it directly created. Items that are specific to the application, but were not created by the MSI itself will not be removed by default.

Items not removed can include user generated data, user specific settings created under the user's profile, and user specific registry keys. Many Applications create file system changes when they first launch and these changes are frequently user specific. License files are also potentially left behind as well. Items applied via Group Policy will also not be removed when the MSI is uninstalled.

Not fully removing an application can have negative implications. Retirement of an application may require removal of the license files from each workstation. Failing to remove user specific data may have security implications. Stranded user specific registry keys may interfere with other applications. Customizations from one package may cause other applications to not function correctly. 

Since the MSI can only remove what it knows about, two possible options that can be pursued to create a more thorough uninstallation are:

1. Build into the MSI the additional logic to allow for a clean uninstall. This will work, but is time consuming and will not account for any changes that occur with the package after it is installed, so is not a viable solution.

2. Using another method to remove the extra items after removing the application. 

The second option has been the path in the past, usually implemented with a VB or CMD script. VB and CMD do have limitations on what they can be used to remove from the system and one area these two methods are not particularly useful for is the removal of User specific registry keys. Fortunately, a PowerShell script has more capabilities than a VB or CMD script and can be designed to target each item that needs to be removed.

Using PowerShell, an application removal script can be created that will remove the following:

• Application files stranded by the uninstall of the application

• User specific files under C:\Users, for all users on the machine

• User specific registry keys, for all user IDs on the machine, regardless if the user is logged in or not

• Any other file system changes that need to be removed

Olenick has created a toolkit for the installation and removal of application packages, which incorporates the functionality described above. Implementation of this methodology in multiple client environments has been highly successful to date.

Author: Peter McDaniels - Lead Senior Consultant

What matters most is...

Over the past few months, you may have noticed a new face in the office.  This new face was Megan Kitz, our rock-star summer 2017 intern.  Towards the end of her internship, we asked her to reflect on some of the key takeaways from her experience at Olenick.  She wrote the following…

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Olenick Belfast recently volunteered to sponsor a two-part Security Testing Meetup with the NI Testers Meetup group.

Olenick choose the recently reopened Ormeau Baths to house these events in July and September which covered various aspects of Security Testing and consisted of talks from experienced Security experts as well as practical exercises to get everyone involved.

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Olenick to attend and present at ILTACON

We are pleased to have the opportunity to attend and present at ILTACON in Las Vegas, August 13-17th.    With the growing concern around security and compliance, Olenick’s Patch Management and Windows 10 solutions will be key topics of discussion.  Visit booth 625 or attend Olenick’s educational session Thursday, Aug 17th at 9AM to talk further about issues ranging from implementations to system maintenance.

Bill Mertes and Scott Christensen, both longtime ILTA affiliates, will be joined by a client for an educational session “Cracks in Your Windows? Building Quality into Your Projects.”  We hope to see you at the educational session and booth 625 to discover how Olenick is helping the legal technology market with reducing risk within their projects.

Session Description - Are you planning a Windows 10 deployment? Are you concerned about how “Windows as a service” will affect your firm? Or are you implementing new business intake, document management system or financial system platforms or upgrades? Then this session is for you! Avoid any cracks in your windows by using the five W’s of quality assurance, which we will explore using real-life law firm examples. Whether your focus is testing, project management or desktop application engineering, we will give guidance on how to reinforce your projects with better quality.

Olenick provides services that combine expertise in software quality engineering services with extensive experience in the legal technology environment.  We ensure law firms navigate risk and achieve successful deployments by providing services in desktop engineering, patch management, quality assurance, and project management.  Please reach out or visit olenick.com for more information on Olenick.

What is unknown and lurking? Join us for a Security Testing Information Session July 5

Security testing is a hot topic and we have information to share!  Olenick and the NI Testers Meetup invite you to join them for an informational and hands-on session July 5th at Ormeau Baths, Belfast.  Further details on the session are below, we look forward to seeing you there, and please feel free to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions in advance.

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