What Matters Most Is…

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Over the past few months, you may have noticed a new face in the office: this new face was Megan Kitz, our rock-star summer 2017 intern! Towards the end of her internship, we asked her to reflect on some of the key takeaways from her experience at Olenick. She wrote the following:


“Throughout my internship, I attended several Knowledge Sessions.  These Knowledge Sessions had a wide range of topics; from work/life balance to adapt to the new age of IoT.  The work/life balance Knowledge Session resonated with me, as I was able to relate to it at a personal level.  Throughout my eight-week internship, I felt that the Olenick culture exemplified a healthy work/life balance.


During my time at Olenick, I worked on a variety of projects.  I was privileged to work in conjunction with the Business Development team, the Legal team, and the Marketing team.  Each of the projects that I worked on directly aided Olenick; and I felt as if I was treated as a new employee, rather than a summer intern.


With the Business Development team, I mainly worked on Salesforce Field Guide support, which involved creating documentation and video training on ambiguous fields within Salesforce.  Although a lot of work went into creating these Salesforce aids, the atmosphere throughout was light and fun.  There was a balance of hard, quality work and light-hearted conversations throughout the day to make my eight weeks at Olenick fly by.


I also worked with the Marketing team to create the blog post and social media campaign for ILTACON, and because ILTACON is a legal technology conference, I was also able to work with the Legal team.  This project sparked my creative side, helping to come up with a theme for the Olenick booth along with the social media posts.  Throughout the progression of this project, I was really able to learn valuable skills needed, including speaking up about an out-of-the-box idea.  Again, a balance was duly noted in this setting as well—a balance of getting the job done while having a good laugh along the way.


I am grateful for the incredible experience I had as in intern at Olenick.  I learned many useful skills for the business world and also learned you can really enjoy where you work if you have an energizing atmosphere in the office.”