Wellness Wednesday: Focus on Fitness & Nutrition

Wellness Weds Virtual Coffee Break

We were so pleased to have had special guest speakers in the areas of Fitness and Nutrition for this week’s Wellness Wednesday Virtual Coffee Break!

Sarah Mathews of Well Fit Academy is a personal trainer and yoga teacher, who combines fitness and strength training with stretch and breath, to provide clients of all levels with a complete fitness program to reach their goals. Sarah presented a live HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class for all levels, finished off with a bit of “desk yoga” – it was a perfect all-encompassing workout to start the day!


Tzeitel Calle is a Nutrition Therapist who takes a holistic approach to nutrition, and develops in-depth individual plans for her clients so they can learn to leverage nutrition as a tool to optimize their health and overall well-being. She gave us an overview of how nutrition is one piece of the puzzle that can be used to support our feeling light, energetic, and fit, and some wonderful information and tips on how to approach food and eating.


Sarah can be reached by email at wellfitbelfast@gmail.com, or on Instagram and Facebook at @wellfitacademy, and Tzeitel can be reached by email at tzcalle@hotmail.com, or on Instagram at @streetsinbio.


Wellness Wednesday Virtual Coffee Breaks are part of Olenick’s RU OK initiative; this program seeks to support our staff in navigating the mental and emotional challenges that we face in our current remote climate, and to provide activities, strategies, and interactions with our colleagues around the globe to help elevate us all to the next level on the other side of the pandemic.


We look forward to hosting upcoming guest speakers for Wellness Wednesday events in the future, and big thanks to Sarah and Tzeitel for their excellent presentations!

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