TJ Johnson to Co-Present at Legaltech 2019

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TJ Johnson from Olenick joins Gina Buser, CEO of Traveling Coaches and Andrew Price, COO of Barry Nilsson, to present the session, Advancing Innovation Projects on a Budget and Making Them Stick, at Legaltech New York 2019.  The session takes place on January 29th from 2:30 – 3:30 pm, and will offer strategies and practical takeaways to help transform your organization through innovation, project success, and business adoption.


“We can all learn more about how to be better innovators in our legal organizations. I’m really excited to share ideas and real life stories of implementing innovation projects successfully, without a large budget. Across all projects there are ways to meet your business challenges and make sure the innovations become a part of the fabric of the organization,” said TJ Johnson.


This session is a part of the ILTA Educational Track at Legaltech New York 2019. All ILTA members are invited to attend the session for free. For more information on Legaltech or to register for the conference, click here.


Session Description – Successful innovation and process transformation projects start with identifying the business challenge to be addressed, defining success, assessing risks, communicating the immediate improvements to legal processes or operations as the business case, working through the project implementation, quality assurance and testing, and focusing on change management and user adoption to make the project stick. Join our experts and a small-ish firm leader who will share case studies and practical takeaways, including strategies for advocating for change projects with limited resources and accomplishing innovation in both small and large ways.

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