Olenick Participates in ComEd’s CONSTRUCT Program for the 3rd Year in a Row


ComEd CONSTRUCT is a 9-week training program that provides guidance and understanding of tools to increase participants’ chances of working in an entry level construction-led position.  


In conjunction with local companies, social service agencies, and unions, ComEd strives to bridge the gap for minority groups interested in the construction industry. Part of this program includes hands-on training of Microsoft applications and Agile Process and Method, led by Olenick teams. This is the first of a four-part series following the exciting activities covered each day.  


Lauren Captain, Olenick, leads discussion on Outlook

Lauren Captain, Olenick, leads discussion on Outlook


Day 1 of CONSTRUCT kicked off on Friday, February 7, 2020.

Two teams of five Olenick employees worked with participants at the National Latino Education Institute (located in McKinley Park) and Central States SER (located in Little Village). Day 1 covered Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Social Media Best Practices, allowing students to interact with the tools and perform practice studies. 



CCSER participants ready to learn


In our Word and Outlook sessions, the teams walked participants through program essentials that demonstrated how powerful each tool can be once the basics are mastered. During practice exercises, participants began to understand how these tools ease everyday tasks, such as setting up meetings, reviewing documentation, and creating group inboxes. 



Olenick’s Reilly Owens works with student in Word exercise


In our Social Media discussion, we spoke on the various platforms that are considered Social Media (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc), the dos and don’ts on these platforms, and the importance of understanding how Social Media represents oneself, stressing the understanding that not only are they portraying who they are as a person, but also how they may represent employers.  



Students practice what they’ve learned in hands-on practicum


Across the two sites, more than 60 individuals have taken the initiative to become stronger professional candidates. In learning more about Word, Outlook, and Social Media, these participants have strengthened their personal job readiness and life skills. We are honored to continue our partnership with ComEd in this exciting program. Being allowed the opportunity to be part of the participants’ growth is a fulfilling experience for our team as we teach and connect with the community. We look forward to the next three sessions with these incredible groups! 


To learn more about ComEd CONSTRUCT, please visit their website here. 


By: Mackenzie Dorgan and Stephanie Morales

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