Olenick Named a Responsible Business Champion 2020

Responsible Business Champion_Olenick2

Olenick has been named a 2020 Responsible Business Champion in the One-to-Watch category, sponsored by Ciena, by Business in the Community, Northern Ireland!

Companies recognised for this award have demonstrated their commitment to the Responsible Business Agenda and showcased best practices that motivate and inspire others.


Business in the Community‚Äôs Responsible Business Awards were created to exemplify businesses’ commitment to taking real action and building thriving communities through strong, inclusive leadership, that demonstrate a willingness to tackle pressing social issues, and have a passion for the state of our global environment.


Olenick has been a proud member of Business in the Community since 2019, and this is the first year Olenick has been recognised for our work by this amazing organization.


Congratulations to Olenick! There is no doubt that 2020 has been a very different year to the one we expected, however. Throughout the pandemic so far, I am continually heartened by the determination of companies across Northern Ireland to be even more responsible through their activities, as they take care of their people, the environment and their communities.

We have moved to recognizing our Responsible Business Champions for 2020 rather than highlight one Award winner in each category. We feel this is the right thing to do in a year where a celebration event does not seem quite so fitting but recognition of responsible business is still absolutely vital. -Kieran Harding, Business in the Community Managing Director


We look forward to continuing our work in creating an inclusive work environment and thank our Olenick Belfast office for being an example to other businesses looking to create change.