Olenick Belfast Sponsors a Security Testing Meetup With the NI Testers Meetup Group

Eight people focused on 4 laptops on a table

Olenick choose the recently reopened Ormeau Baths to house these events in July and September which covered various aspects of Security Testing and consisted of talks from experienced Security experts as well as practical exercises to get everyone involved.


Wednesday, 5th July

Part One: Security Testing: The Why, How and What

Olenick’s very own Keath Tanner agreed to give a talk that discussed the motivation of recent hacking incidents and ransomware attacks, how to protect yourself and networks and what to expect over the next two years relating to cyber security.


This was followed by a hands-on session, led by Conall Bennett (Test Lead at CME, Belfast) which involved testing a vulnerable web application and allowed attendees to explore security testing and expose built-in vulnerabilities in a web platform.


Tuesday, 5th September

Part Two: Security Testing: The Why, How and What

Simon Whittaker (Director at Vertical Structure Ltd), discussed ‘Making Threat Modelling Useful’ covering:

  • What is threat modelling and why you don’t need to be a security expert to do it
  • Why and when testers should use it
  • How this can be easily and quickly accomplished with an Agile approach


This was followed by a hands-on workshop in groups where attendees performed threat modelling using a trusty pen and paper!


Both events had a great turnout from local testers with an interest in security and we look forward to working with the NI Testers Meetup again in the future!


NI Testers Meetup Event