It’s a Goal – No it’s Not, Yes it is!

Goal Control Logo

Poor refereeing decisions have always been a hot topic for debate and argument for soccer fans, and none more so when obvious goals have been disallowed. This has been an integral part of the Soccer World Cup – up until now that is. The 2014 World Cup Finals are the first final to feature ‘Goal-Line Technology’ supplied by a small German start-up which is being paid nearly $3.5 million to operate the technology in each of the 12 World Cup stadia.

The company, GoalControl, has installed 14 cameras in each stadium that captures the three dimensional position of the ball with maximum precision: up to 500 images per second. With that tracking, plus sensors on the goal line, GoalControl can instantly alert a referee when the ball crosses the line. There’s no need to consult a replay or another official; the referee in charge merely looks at their smart watch.

“The cameras are connected to a powerful image-processing computer system which tracks the movement of all objects on the pitch and filters out the players, referees and all disturbing objects,” a GoalControl representative said in a recent interview with CNN.

If the system registers that the ball has crossed the goal line, it can send a vibration and a visual “GOAL” signal to referees’ watches within a second. So no more debate, no more arguments – it will be as clear as day but maybe only half the fun.

I’m sure you are wondering who the Olenick GSN team in Belfast is supporting for this Soccer World Cup? Argentina Vamos! USA, USA! …of course!

By The Belfast GSN Team – Olenick Global, Belfast