HP Software Universe 2007

HP Laptop

June, 2007.  HP Software Universe 2007 was a chance to focus on what matters most to businesses. Key concerns such as ITSM or SOA, business alignment or quality management, IT governance or regulatory compliance.

IT professionals from some of HP’s largest customers, industry gurus and HP technical experts delivered more than 240 track sessions on hot topics such as ITSM, quality management, network management and business service management. No matter the IT challenges there was a session that gave you insight and clarity into the issues you face daily.

Roundtable sessions explored best practices and methodologies that companies can use immediately to optimize business outcomes. These were moderated by HP experts, and fell into three categories:

• Quality management

• SOA transformation

• Applications and operations management

Mainstage was a big part of both the excitement and value of HP Software Universe. In addition to HP executives who did updates on industry trends, HP vision and product direction, there was also a word from Jimmy Donal “Jimbo” Wales, the Internet entrepreneur who founded Wikipedia.